Monday, January 3, 2011


Without question the best thrill ride ever!!!!

Fantastic boat!!

Great crew!!

Headed out.

Beautiful view of the island ahead!

Off we go!!!!!!!!

Sailing along at speeds over 50 MPH!!!!!

Weaving in and out between the

pirate ship, parasail boats, skidoo's and others

was great sport.

Even saw a few Dolphins.

They love to follow the boat and swim in the wake.

Looks like we are being attacked by Pirates!! LOL

How much fun is this!!!! WOW!!

After being atacked by the Pirate Ship

we gave them a few big waves in our wake. LOL FUN,FUN, FUN!!

More Dolphins. We did slow down for these.

Seemed like there were Dolphins everywhere!!

Yes, They even let the Roadrunner drive!!!! LOL

This was the best thrill ride ever!!!!!!!!Do not leave the island without doing this and the nice thing it is something that can be enjoyed by all ages.Winter Texans will enjoy this one. Experience the speed and power in a safe way.


If you go be sure to tell them the Roadrunner sent you!

More detailed description below.

Looking for thrills and excitement? The off-shore racing boat Thriller meets your challenge. Powered by 1000 horses, this 55' bad boy will carry you at speeds up to 50MPH over the waters of the Laguna Madre. We'll race the dolphins as they swim in our wake and play in our rooster tale. We'll show you the sights at more moderate speeds and keep you well entertained throughout the 1 hour cruise, most of it to the sound of music from our hi-tech sound system.The Thriller is the name given to a series of high end, large capacity speedboats. With a twin hull, it is technically a catamaran. A 55 foot long, 12 foot wide, turbo diesel powered catamaran that seats over 40 people. And it is United States Coast Guard U.S.C.G. approved. The South Padre Island Thriller has a Sponson body with only a 3 foot draft.So come aboard, you young and old, and experience the excitement of high-performance boating in perfect safety. Your comfort and well-being are our first priority. The Thriller is inspected by the US Coast Guard, and is the only passenger carrying vessel operating in Texas waters certified by the USCG to operate at high speeds.

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