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 The Holiday Inn Express with view of the Gulf of
Mexico in the background. Accommodations are the
cleanest on the Island and only a short walk to the beach.
Hotel staff is excellent
Reservations 956-761-8844 or 800-465-4329
Looking back from the beach and south.
Above picture looks at the Laguna Madre Bay.
The Port Isabel Lighthouse day/night views.
Aerial photo's courtesy of Philip A. Dodson
Below a view of the finger lakes area in Port Isabel,
Below is a view of the Bridge from Port Isabel to South Padre Island.
The Longest Causeway 3 mile Run and Fitness Walk is held the second Saturday in January every year sponsored by the Port Isabel Chamber of Commerce.
Entering South Padre Island.
Daytime entrance view
Aerial views looking back at the Bridge.
Aerial photos courtesy of Philip A. Dodson

A look at the Jetti above and the twin towers below.
View of ship (USS FORREST AL) being towed through the channel below headed to the Port of Brownsville.
Yours truly pictured below enjoying a fun time with friends on the SOUTHERN WAVE sunset dinner cruise. The food was out of this world and fantastic entertainment. Highly recommended.
Southern Wave reservations call 956-772-7245

Below yours truly enjoying the best Dolphin Watch ever.

Don't miss this one!!! Call Scarlet Colley 956-299-1957 for reservations or stop at the Sea Life Center next to Pirates Landing in Port Isabel for more information.

Pirates Landing pictured below from the air.
Pirates Landing has it all!!!!!!!!   the Black Dragon Pirate Ship, Thriller boat ride, deep sea, and Bay fishing

Spectacular view!!!!
Any activity highly recommended. Check it out at or call 956-761-6655 or 
 888-867-7739.  FUN! FUN! FUN! 
Yours truly above and below displaying my catch!!! Red Snappers and Whiting. Highly recommended!!
The crew was great!!!!!!
Fun! Fun! Fun! Fun!

Parasailing below with Breakaway!


Breakaway has Parasailing, Dolphin watch & Eco tours, Port tours, and dinner sunset cruises. as well as both deep sea and bay fishing trips.
Yours truly with a large Red Snapper I caught on a Breakaway Deep Sea Fishing Cruise charter.
reservations call 956-761-2212 .

Below is an aerial picture of the municipal center on South Padre Island

Island aerial views from a drone courtesy of Philip A. Dodson.
Below is a collage of some of the sunsets you can see around South Padre Island. Spectacular!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Above picking up shells on the beach.

Below a great time shore fishing.

I went Bay fishing with Captain Murphys and had great success!!!!! Caught both Whiting and Sand Trout. (5 star rating from me!!!!)
Call 956-761-2764 for reservations

Yours truly riding horses on the beach. This is a really fun time.
call 956-761-4677 for reservations
Great view of the beach!!

Some of the spectacular wildlife sightings I have experienced around South Padre Island.
Birds and Dolphins everywhere!!

Yes, even baby alligators at the Birding and Nature center

A real tug of war above as Sea Gulls fight over fish scraps..

Below a Heron having lunch.
Even found a lizard on the beach.

Pictured below yours truly picking Grapefruit fresh off the tree!!
Check out the size of those grapefruit below!!
Fresh tree ripened Ruby Red Grapefruit make excellent pies.

Below yours truly and friends enjoying the Red Snappers we caught cooked by Blackbeards. Cooked to perfection!!!!!!
Lacated at 103 E Saturn
South Padre Island, Texas
Phone 956-761-2962
If you go, be sure to tell them the Roadrunner sent you!!!!
They fixed my fish 4 different ways and all were excellent.. It just doesn't get any better than this.

The aerial pictures used in my blog were the courtesy of Philip A. Dodson. He has a website with information on the drone he uses as pictured above. Thank you to Philip for allowing me to use the pictures incorporated in this post. Philip is available to do Aerial Photography and Aerial video for almost any occasion.
website for information
phone 956-280-0645
 Above, yours truly waving to the drone being flown over my head.
Check out the video's below by Philip A. Dodson
on the Jetti's, Dunes and Isa Blanca RV Park.  Isa Blanca RV Park video

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