Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Red Snapper and Deep Sea Fishing from Port Mansfield, Texas

Above shows our outing on Feb. 15th.
The Osprey boat has an enclosed cabin,
clean restrooms, and fantastic crew.
Capt. Bobby knows where the fish are.. 
We limited out in less than 2 hours!!
There were also 9 Sharks caught and
1 very large Grouper pictured below..
Below shows our group with the
complete boat catch. 39 on boat
Fantastic action! FUN! FUN!
Below Al with his big Shark and Red Snapper.
 Me with my big one.
 Marie took the prize on this day.
The Red Snapper below was 15 LBS.
Fabian, Clay and Logan on Feb 7th trip.
 Dennis and his catch
 Yours truly with the boat catch

Below is a different trip on Feb 7th 2016
 Another of my big fish

Roe and his catch for the day

Below is a collage of our outing on Feb 7th!!
Picture perfect day!!!!!!
The marina dock here has been completely rebuilt with a brand new very large dock with picnic tables and all. First class all the way. The cost to go might be a tad higher but well worth the little extra. This is a must do outing if you are ever in this area and the OSPREY IS THE ABSOLUTE BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
CALL 956 944 2331
I have had the experience of doing the Deep Fishing trips on other boats and they do not measure up. The Queen Isabella from Breakaway is a catamaran type boat and has no enclosed cabin so you need to be sure you have good weather and no rain before choosing them. They also seem to have difficulty finding the good fishing spots so success is spotty at best. While the trip cost is cheaper than the others, success is hit and miss and if you do have good luck the cost of cleaning is much higher than the competition.
I did have some success with Breakaway on recent trips and friend Dennis managed to catch a white Grouper on this day but no Red Snappers. Below are some pictures of that adventure. The crew was very nice but  again seemed to lack the experience needed to find the good fishing spots.
This was the only fish caught on this day

 A White Grouper
Below is a little better day with Breakaway
 A collage of the dock area
and fish cleaning and open boat.
 Yours truly with my limit of Red Snappers
and one bonus Trigger fish.
Below was a much better day on the
Queen Isabella. The weather was perfect. The boat Captain
seemed to be more knowledgeable on good fishing spots this time and
took us to a new location. All fish caught ran between 8 and 12 pounds on this day and we limited out in less than 1 1/2 hours. 
The Queen Isabella from Breakaway is definitely worth a try
on a warm clear day. call 956-761-2212 for reservations.
Not recommended in cold or rainy weather.
If you go tell them the Roadrunner sent you!! 
The dock area and boarding area however are not nearly as nice as the Osprey docks.
On another note the Capt. Murphy boat also docks in the same area and they are not nearly as easy to work with. Some Winter Texans that bought fishing tickets prior to coming down that had an expiration date were told they were out of luck and Capt. Murphy would not honor those. They are the only charter to not honor an expired paid fishing charter ticket. Their boat is not as large as the Osprey and the dock area is not very nice. Very crowded on their boat and hard to fish and the day I was there I saw their boat arrive at the dock being the only charter that did not limit out on that day. 

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