Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Island Baptist Church Mission Outreach/El Mesquital, Mexico.

We arrived back to South Padre Island safely from our trip to El Mesquital 60 mi into the Interior of Mexico. Mission was to share God's Love and the Spirit of Christmas with 150 children on the mission site. Good trip, and safe crossing at the border. God is sooooo goood. Thank you Lord for keeping us safe, and thank you Lord for my homeland, AMERICA.
Saturday 12/19/09
View map below for location.

2 vans loaded and ready to go.

Winter Texans & church members. (below)

Picking up Luz. (Island Missionary)

One of 3 Mexican Bakery stops.

Picked up baked goods. (below)

Traveling through the mud enroute to the boat dock.

Another view of the rough road to the boat dock.

Loaded boat ready to depart. (below)

Another view of the loaded boat. (below)

Used two boats to transport items

over to the Island of El Mesquital.

Some scenery from the boat ride. (below)

Approaching the dock at El Mesquital. (below)

The kids were on the dock to welcome us. (below)

Unloading the boat.

The kids and adults helped carry items to the church.

Another view of unloading the boat.

The kids outside the church area.

This is the church building.

Residential housing below.

More residential housing near the church.

Below is a water processor. They catch rainwater

in the white bucket and it then goes into the flat

panel area where the sun vaporizes it and it comes

out in the blue container as distilled/purified water.

Donna and Melba with some of the children. (below)

Melba with the children. (below)

Below is the bathroom.

The kids playing outside.

This group sang 3 special Christmas songs for us.
They were great!!!! (below)

Handing out presents below.
Luz with one of the boys.

The whole group of children.

A little boy and his present. (below)

Another boy with his present.

Handing out gifts.

Please click on the arrow below to play the

video showing all the kids and their gifts.

More gifts handed out.

And then there was cake.
Donna with one of the little girls
What a cute little outfit. (below)

Group picture afterward.

They served us a delicious lunch.

Fresh panfried fish and tamales.

Afterward the dishes were washed in the

pans below.

Only one boat was needed for the return trip.

We waved good bye.

We felt safe in Mexico as we had a Police escort

both ways from the boat dock to the border.

Another view if the van and Police escort.

The van ready to plow through the mud

and make our way back.

It definitely is more blessed to give than to receive.

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