Sunday, December 13, 2009

Ocean Tower (Leaning tower) SPI Imploded 12/13/09

Port Isabel Press coverage frame by frame.
Below written by Katherine Murphy
Newspaper article above.

Above is view of the Ocean Towers from 4th floor of the Holiday Inn Express

Another close up look above at building to be imploded.

Another angle
The police and authorities with road blocked above.

The crowd gathered at the Convention center. $10 per to park there for this to benefit charity.

Another view of the tower.

One more.

Video above shows the implosion. What a site!!!!

Youtube video at the link below if above isn't available.
Tallest building in the world ever imploded. 31 stories high!

Still picture of the building crumbling to the ground.

Now that is some cloud of dust above!!!

This is the pile of rubble after the dust settled.

Another view of the rubble.

Crowd leaving with the cloud of dust hanging in the air.


  1. John we are enjoying all your pics----making us anxious to get there. Your church trip really makes us all think and give thanks

  2. We will now need to wait until next season to do further examinations but what we have seen thus far has excited all of us.

    Ocean Scape