Friday, February 19, 2010

Pictures taken around the island (South Padre Island, Tx)

View from the Pirat Ship.

Donna relaxing on the beach.
Helecoptor practicing rescue operations.
Yes, even strollers go down the beach.

Large ship leaving the ship channel.

28 miles down the beach to the end of South Padre Island

looks like this.

A sand sculpture eagle on the beach.

No, I didn't build it but someone sure did a great job!

Fisherman getting bait out of the sand on shore.

How about a band on the beach!!!!

Below shows the band seting up on the beach.

Church group building an elaborate sand castle.

Lessons at

Lots of seashells on the beach.

Some even get stuck!!

Some camp on the beach. Sleeping quarters

are above the van.

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