Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Sea Life Safari (Holiday Inn Winter Texan treat) by Osprey Cruises Dolphins, Sea Birds, Ecology and more!!

Alma and her Angels from the Holiday Inn Express
welcome her Winter Texans aboard for the ultimate
marine adventure.

Osprey Cruises at Pier 19.
The Dolphin Watch Sea Life Safari boat below.
Captain Rudy at the helm.
Diane was our tour guide and narrator.
Diane providing historical information.
Below is the Sea Life Safari guide sheet.
Donna and I showing the way. This was a tough
job, but somebody has to do it. LOL
On the lookout for wildlife.

Treasure chest of shells found around South Padre Island.
Another look at the shells.

A shrimp Boat passed by on our tour.
Alma and her angels.
Having fun on deck.

More fun and picture taking.
Watching the Dolphins.
Watching dolphins and taking pictures.

There they are!!!
Right near the boat.

They came right up close to welcome us and put
on a show!!
The dredging operation in the bay.

More of the dredging operation.
Deck hand Chuck pulling up the net.
Checking out the catch!!
Gathered around the holding tank with the catch.

The swinging gate bridge in the channel.

Going through the bridge.

Up close and personal look at a Blowfish.
What a great trip!!!
This is the best Dolphin Watch I have been on.
The boat, the ride, the route and personel were great!!
Book your tour and tell them the Roadrunner sent you!!

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