Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Aqua Dog and Dolphin Watch Breakaway Cruises

The start of a great Breakaway Cruise adventure.

We saw this big ship going through the channel during our ride. What a beautiful sight!

Nice ride and great Captain!

Shells on Boca Chica Beach

Jamie, Justin, Grandpa and Grandma

We are finding lots of strange shells

We are off on our Dolphin Watch. Great top deck seats!

This video shows the Dolphins in action!
Simply spectacular!!! Dolphins everywhere!

Part 2 the Eco. Pulling in the net.

This was the big catch. Many different things.

A large crab shown here.

Justin holding a starfish.

Picking up a sting ray.

Breakaway Cruises did an excellent job. Both the Aqua Dog and Dolphin Eco tours are highly recommended. Very educational. They really know their stuff and make it very interesting and entertaining.

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