Thursday, March 19, 2009

Black Dragon Pirate Ship Adventure South Padre Island Texas

On February 16th a group from the Holiday Inn Express went on the Black Dragon Pirate
Ship Adventure boarding at Pirates Landing, Port Isabel, Tx.
It was entertainment non-stop from the time we arrived.
There were sword fights, tattoo painting, watergun fights, dolphin sightings,
pass the crab game, parade around the ship, treasure hunt, and a little history.
I would highly recommend this trip as they did an excellent job!!!!!!
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This is the ship.

Our trip started of with a BANG!!!!!!!

We had to convince the Pirates
we were peaceful and meant no harm.

Once on board Jamie got right into a sword fight.

Cheers!! Ahoy matty!

Jamie with her tattoo.

Gary & Marge with tattoo's

Yes, Gary, you have to have your face painted too.

Paint it on good!

The paint brush lady doing Justin's.

Now there's a mean looking crew!!!!

Then there was a parade areound the ship.
And another sword fight. Go get em Justin!!

I have him where I want him now!

Justin's tattoo.

Parade around the ship.
Go Bob & Betty!!.

Then there was the game of "pass the crab".
The winners were Justin & Jamie!!

You better watch out now!!
Look at all the treasure I found!!!
Pirate look-out!!!
Ralph & Sandy. Real mean Pirates!!

Parading around the ship.
Yet another sword fight!

Watch out for this girl. She got all the treasure.
This was a rough crew so another sword fight broke out.

I love water guns!! They're great!!

HA! HA! I got you Grampa!!
Go get em Ralph!!!
Justin swabbing the deck.
If we could get him to do this at home.

Jamie swabbing the deck.
This is the reward I got for winning the treasure hunt!
The Black Dragon Pirate Ship adventure was definitely a great experience. It was entertaining and lively with constant activity. There were sword fights, tattoo's, pass the crab game, water gun fights, dancing and parading around the ship. There were even Dolphins that came by to
see what all the excitement was about.


  1. Glad you had such a great adventure! Please come by and see us again!
    You were all FUNtastic Pirates! Remember to Keep to the Code!
    Awaiting your return,
    Ruby the Pirate Queen!

    Nice job on the photo essay! A+! We appreciate the kind words!

  2. Great pictures the first two are looking like from the fil Pirates of The Carebian. Thanks for sharing.